Warranty / Returns / Exchanges

Product Support
If you are experiencing a problem with an item you purchased from us, please contact our technical support line at (949) 353-9264 before sending the item back for a return or exchange. Most problems can be resolved over the phone and do not need to be returned, saving you the time and expense of sending the product back to us. However, if we are unable to resolve the issue and the item does need to be returned, please see the Returns And Exchanges section below for instructions on returning your item.

Returns And Exchanges
We do not require an RMA numer or pre-authorization for sending a product back for return or exchange. Download and print our RMA form (pdf) and follow the instructions on that form to return an item. Please also see additional information regarding item warranty and refund policy in the General Warranty Conditions section below.

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General Warranty Conditions
Defective products will only be exchanged for like items. Non defective items will only be exchanged for a maximum of 30 days from the date of original shipment to Buyer. After 30 days from date of purchase, Seller reserves the right to honor product warranty by repair or replacement or referral to the Manufacturer. Seller reserves the right to refuse or return to Buyer any non-defective items. All return shipping costs for defective or non-defective items are solely the responsibility of the Buyer unless otherwise specified. Physical damage to an item voids any and all warranties on that item. Any claims for items damaged in shipping must be made to Seller within 3 business days of receiving the product.